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Asian Home Cooking Essentials Bundle

All you need a basic kit for Asian cooking at home. A collection of key sauces for a variety of oriental dishes for the at-home Chef.

This bundle contains:

  • LKK Black Bean And Garlic Sauce 368g Jar
  • LKK Chili Garlic Sauce 368g Jar
  • LKK Chilli Bean Sauce 368g Jar
  • LKK Chilli Oil 335g Jar
  • LKK Gluten Free Oyster Sauce 520g Bottle
  • LKK Hoi Sin Sauce 500g Tin
  • LKK Vegetarian Stir Fry Sauce 510g Bottle
  • LKK Yellow Bean Sauce 470g Tin
  • Amoy Blended Sesame Oil 500ml Bottle
  • Chinese Rice Cooking Wine 500ml Bottle